About Us


To enrich lives through service and ease minds through leisure


To provide a cosmopolitan hotel experience accentuated by the world-renowned Thai spirit of warmth and welcome, all in the heart of downtown Bangkok.


Amaranta Hotels is committed to bettering the lives of our visitors through providing moments of beauty and enjoyment to accentuate their memories of Bangkok. We offer service and luxury of high order, and do so to see the delight in the faces of others. We exceed needs and requests, and provide a sanctuary of rest and revelry for those who choose to stay with us.

Our Service Culture


S mile — always a warm welcome and a friendly manner

E ye contact — with both employees and customers to show interest

R emember — our customers’ details to deliver great service and show they’re valued

V oice — use a clear voice with both employees and customers

I deas — present new ideas to improve customer experience and leisure

C ulture — Thai culture offers a warm welcome to all

E xperiences — we craft the experiences and memories of the people who visit us

Story About US

Amaranta Suites, first founded in 2009 by the Asawanuchit family, has offered tastefully furnished, fully serviced suites for six years. In 2015, the Asawanuchit family has expanded with the construction and opening of the Amaranta Hotel. This new world class hotel—featuring an underground restaurant, rooftop pool and garden, and lavish room design—offers stylish facilities and internationally influenced ambience in one of the traditional neighborhoods of Bangkok, an oasis in a bustling city. The growth of the Amaranta brand continues on with the recent announcement of the Amaranta Residences, a condo complex intended to take the class and style associated with Amaranta’s name, and extend these offerings to permanent residents of Bangkok through condo sales and rental. As the Amaranta name and range of offerings grow, the goal remains the same—to provide venues for guests’ enjoyment through a repertoire of offerings, all accompanied by stellar service and a warm smile.