Conference & Events

Conference & Events

Our ballroom and event space, lit by pair after pair of crystal chandeliers casting a golden light on intricate ceiling filigree, is a subtly luxuriant venue. Well equipped for all type of events, the new ballroom guarantees your event will be accompanied by attentive service in an atmosphere of class.

Catering to your needs

Amaranta is fully equipped to welcome you and your event to Bangkok. Each of our venues can be configured to suit groups ranging from private functions to professional conferences. The furnishings can be modified to suit elegant weddings, corporate events, relaxed family gathering, and all else in between. Let Amaranta become the stage for your best memories.

Professional service

At Amaranta, we employ a diverse international staff with years of experience in the hotel industry. Hailing from all corners of the globe and carrying with them experience in the highest levels of service, these hospitality professionals have your comfort in mind. Our mission is to ensure your event is both chic and smooth.